a flower for your friday

~ a flower for your friday ~

Maybe a cold, snowy February slowed up spring. I returned yesterday to a path I don’t often visit, and though it was already a few days into March, I found no evidence there will be flowers in that area any time soon. So Friday’s flower this week is from last year at this time.

There was plenty of sunshine yesterday (yah!), and no one on the path but me and a few birds (yah!). It felt like pre-covid! I saw a robin, a woodpecker, a couple of towhees, and a cardinal pair singing to each other and playing some version of cardinal tag. They seemed oblivious to me. The songs weren’t long or complicated, but sweet sounding nonetheless. One or the other cardinal, perched on a low branch, would sing a few notes, and then they’d fly off together, to another tree, to another branch. Over and over.

Enjoy your weekend.

a flower for your friday

~ a flower for your friday ~

Technically, these aren’t flowers. More likely, they’re faded remnants of a small plant that was alive and green last summer. But I found them in the woods near the creek, and that’s about the closest to flowery you’ll find there as we near the end of January. I looked for some small signs of rebirth … not yet … too early.

Be safe, stay well, and have a good weekend.


Sitting at my desk this morning, trying to come up with a title for these pictures, I detected movement outside the window, up in the trees. Some sort of impressive bird. It was large, though not as big as the bigger hawks. The bird was mostly black, but as it flew higher I could see white underneath the wings. Such a beautiful wing span. It landed on a tree in my neighbor’s yard, and I thought it was some kind of woodpecker. My eyes drifted to the left, and halfway up a tree in my backyard was another bird, this one close enough for me to identify as a pileated woodpecker. This is only the fourth time I’ve seen pileated woodpeckers, and they never, ever fail to impress me … immensely. A great reminder, first thing in the morning, however weighty the problems of the world seem, there’s still so much that’s wonderful.


Despite what you see here, there was not a lot of green. The temperature was above freezing, and what there was a lot of was mud. The off path to avoid the muddy trail was leaves covering mud, and yes, there were way too many people trying to do the same thing I was doing. If I had to sum up the walk, it would be me on one side of the muddy trail, and someone else heading the other way on the other side, both of us debating if a ‘hi’ or a head nod violates protocol.

photographed 12/28/20

the view

It’s raining in this picture. One of those times when some sun makes it through the clouds along with the rain, and lights up the leaves.

This is my view of the world when I’m upstairs writing or reading (or goofing off) at my laptop. The humming bird feeder is out of the picture, but bright red plastic is the first thing my eyes see when they move from computer screen, past the window frame, and out to the yard. When I’m trying to think of a word or what I want to say, I look up. Maybe most people do that. I love glancing up to see trees, maybe birds, occasionally deer, whatever passes through the yard. Once, while I was sitting here, writing maybe, my eyes detected movement and I looked up to see a bald eagle … in my yard. That only happened once, but I brag about it every chance I get. Frequently, not every day, but often, my eyes detect a coppery colored movement to the right. That would be Rowen, the dog who lives next door. There are some parts of life that are simple and unconditional. When I look up in the afternoon and see Rowen trotting off to his favorite spot, my heart smiles and I get the wonderful sense of comfortable. Oh … there’s Rowen. Always worth the distraction.