Sitting at my desk this morning, trying to come up with a title for these pictures, I detected movement outside the window, up in the trees. Some sort of impressive bird. It was large, though not as big as the bigger hawks. The bird was mostly black, but as it flew higher I could see white underneath the wings. Such a beautiful wing span. It landed on a tree in my neighbor’s yard, and I thought it was some kind of woodpecker. My eyes drifted to the left, and halfway up a tree in my backyard was another bird, this one close enough for me to identify as a pileated woodpecker. This is only the fourth time I’ve seen pileated woodpeckers, and they never, ever fail to impress me … immensely. A great reminder, first thing in the morning, however weighty the problems of the world seem, there’s still so much that’s wonderful.

a flower for your friday

~ a flower for your friday ~

This was an October flower. Last year around this time I went to the local Safeway and took some pictures in their floral department. Don’t think I’ll do that this year. So I suppose most of these will be flower photos of mine I’ve been saving for just the right time.


Sunday afternoon, just a couple of days before the start of December,
and most of the branches were leafless. But a few spots had leaves this pink color, almost translucent in the bright sun.