dec 31 – a flower for your friday

~ a flower for your friday ~

These are from earlier this year. 2021. We had a brief period this summer when we were on the cusp of returning to some version of normal. It could be we’ll all have to step backwards for a while, into 2022. Maybe not backwards, but onward, into some other new version of not normal.

Wishing everyone peace and good health in the new year.


Despite what you see here, there was not a lot of green. The temperature was above freezing, and what there was a lot of was mud. The off path to avoid the muddy trail was leaves covering mud, and yes, there were way too many people trying to do the same thing I was doing. If I had to sum up the walk, it would be me on one side of the muddy trail, and someone else heading the other way on the other side, both of us debating if a ‘hi’ or a head nod violates protocol.