I loved the colors in this picture, even though the bright sun and intense purples ruined the effect. I almost never edit photos, other than cropping, but I played with this one until I thought it was salvageable.


These plants were at the outer edge of a neighbor’s property, so I could stay on the sidewalk and still get pictures. Almost immediately, a woman popped her head out the front door and asked me what I was doing. Her tone seemed accusing. I guess my crouching near her garden area looked suspicious. We ended up having a pleasant, socially distanced talk for several minutes about the columbines. She told me she had transported them some distance from her late father’s property, and she was pleased they handled the move and were thriving. She had several varieties, and the shaded area was lovely. Her story somehow made it all lovelier.

a flower for your friday

~ a flower for your friday ~

The primrose plants have been in this spot for years and years. One of life’s constants, they bloom at the beginning of spring, about the same time as the daffodils. For some reason, they still surprise me. Things are barely turning green in that area, and suddenly I see the pretty yellow flowers.

Be safe, stay well, and have a wonderful weekend.