The day-to-day ordinary parts of life come and go, and these events often pass as if they’re not consequential. Then there’s a blink, an instant we observe something ordinary that brings solace and breathes life into us, regardless of the news of the day.

These restorative ordinary parts of life are often what we find outside, in nature, and that’s what I aim to present in my blog. Trusty elements in the natural repetitive cycles we can note and depend on for comfort and reassurance. Elements we can go to when we need grounding. My tiny garden, the blue jay outside my window, water moving over worn stones in a running creek in the middle of the woods, the scattering of bright stars set in a dark sky among the top branches of the tallest trees, a fresh green leaf at the beginning of spring. These are elements that tell us, life is okay, things are as they should be.

Welcome, and thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. Most of the posts at Clover and Ivy are nature photos, sights that caught my attention and seemed worth sharing. I post a ‘flower for your friday’ every week.

Clover and Ivy is a companion blog to Etikser, where I share my thoughts and bits of writing.

Let’s build something together.