~ a flower for your friday ~

Coming up to the last weekend of summer, it makes me a little sad. I prefer the beginning of June to the last of September. Even so, I appreciate that this summer brought more opportunities for normal summertime activities and socializing than the previous two. My small garden did well. Although a few plants didn’t survive the heat, the tomatoes and peppers are still producing abundantly. I planted a few corn this year, and they produced three ears, which were hardly edible (few kernels). Still, they were my favorite plants. The stalks are dry now, but standing, and I’d like to keep them going long enough for Halloween decorations.

I hope summer brought you fun, relaxing times, sufficient for some warm, lasting memories.

This purple flowering plant was growing along a walkway yesterday evening. It reminded me of the prettiness nature continues to provide during these last summery days of September.

Have a good weekend.

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