Sitting at my desk this morning, trying to come up with a title for these pictures, I detected movement outside the window, up in the trees. Some sort of impressive bird. It was large, though not as big as the bigger hawks. The bird was mostly black, but as it flew higher I could see white underneath the wings. Such a beautiful wing span. It landed on a tree in my neighbor’s yard, and I thought it was some kind of woodpecker. My eyes drifted to the left, and halfway up a tree in my backyard was another bird, this one close enough for me to identify as a pileated woodpecker. This is only the fourth time I’ve seen pileated woodpeckers, and they never, ever fail to impress me … immensely. A great reminder, first thing in the morning, however weighty the problems of the world seem, there’s still so much that’s wonderful.

14 thoughts on “airy

  1. Perhaps the sighting is a sign! From Ted Andrews book ‘Animal Speak’ … Sometimes the woodpecker will show up just to stimulate new rhythms. It may reflect a need to drum some new changes and rhythms into your life. There is a lot more but I thought this part was interesting. I have never seen a Pileated Woodpecker myself.

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    1. I like that! To be honest, I was not in a great mood, and seeing the bird lifted my spirit. These birds are, in my opinion, magnificent creatures. The few times I’ve seen them, each one felt like a wonderful surprise. Thanks.


  2. I found your blog because you noticed mine and liked my post today. Beautiful photographs! As for pileated woodpeckers, I was walking back by my pond several weeks ago and spotted one in a tree near our sugar house. He was shy and flew away as I got close. I followed him for a bit through the woods. They are indeed magnificent!

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