It’s raining in this picture. One of those times when some sun makes it through the clouds along with the rain, and lights up the leaves.

This is my view of the world when I’m upstairs writing or reading (or goofing off) at my laptop. The humming bird feeder is out of the picture, but bright red plastic is the first thing my eyes see when they move from computer screen, past the window frame, and out to the yard. When I’m trying to think of a word or what I want to say, I look up. Maybe most people do that. I love glancing up to see trees, maybe birds, occasionally deer, whatever passes through the yard. Once, while I was sitting here, writing maybe, my eyes detected movement and I looked up to see a bald eagle … in my yard. That only happened once, but I brag about it every chance I get. Frequently, not every day, but often, my eyes detect a coppery colored movement to the right. That would be Rowen, the dog who lives next door. There are some parts of life that are simple and unconditional. When I look up in the afternoon and see Rowen trotting off to his favorite spot, my heart smiles and I get the wonderful sense of comfortable. Oh … there’s Rowen. Always worth the distraction.

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