~ a flower for your friday ~
photographed 6/6/20

I saw the first firefly last night. And the second and third and fourth. The first fireflies are like the first roses. They bring the full energy of the season. The sky was a matte grey white cloud behind the dark full foliage tops of the trees. But here and there, a bright sparkle lit up in the open air and around the trees. Even better, a left to right trail of on and off lights flickered across my field of vision.

It’s June, and tomorrow’s Friday. Have a great weekend.


6 thoughts on “a flower for your friday

  1. After reading an article about how our fireflies are going extinct, they are more precious than ever. We have just a few – maybe two or three in the evenings, where we live now in Indiana. The magic of these little insects cannot be overstated. They are so important in my memories of childhood, when the yard and surrounding fields would be filled with their dance.

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    1. That’s interesting. I’ve had the sense over the last few years that we don’t have as many fireflies. I remember a number of years ago when the trees would be literally sparkling, and I haven’t seen that for at least a few years. Thanks for your comment.


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