photographed 11/27/19

At nesting time, the burning bush is full of activity.
Nearly every year, cat birds nest there.
The gray birds have some of the nastiest cat calls,
and the longest and prettiest songs, you’ll hear.
Humming birds dive bomb battle outside the shrub, staking their claim
for the right to perch on a branch there. And all the birds use it
as the official feather fluffing spot after a bath. When it comes to fluffing off,
there seems to be a widely accepted practical agreement about the need to share.

But soon,
soon the branches will be bare, and a berth for the hardy ones,
the ones that hunker down and winter over. Cardinals, blue jays, sparrows.
They’ll hang out there on the leafless branches and shiver their way
through the biting cold, and the wind, and the snow, this winter.

And so goes the burning bush.

c & i

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