a flower for your friday

~ a flower for your friday ~

I planted this azalea hybrid a number of years ago. Since then, it’s been a favorite. The shrub blooms later than other azaleas, but it produces both white and pink blossoms, and even individual blossoms with both white and pink areas on the same flower.

Enjoy your weekend!

happy summer

I took a walk after dinner last night. Others were out, but nothing like the pandemic numbers I saw in 2020. One group seemed to be a whole family unit, parents and kids. The kids were on motorized scooters designed with two wheels in front and two wheels in back. It made me think maybe I would enjoy one of those. I think I have enough balance for such a vehicle. Another group, all adults with their dogs, was moving in the opposite direction from me. The woman in front rode a bike that carried her dog in a basket over the handlebars. The dog was wearing red sunglasses that seemed to stare at me. The two bikers following close behind her had their dogs leashed and running along side the bicycles. They seemed to move at a comfortable pace, and the dogs looked cool with the set-up. They were not wearing sunglasses. A couple of noisy crows were chasing and battling each other. Caw, caw, etc.

When I got home, I sat out back for a while. There were fireflies, so yes, it must be summer. It wasn’t a hot July evening’s worth of fireflies, but more than a few. A small number were scattered around where I sat, but I could see some flashing around the tops of the tallest trees too. They all seemed to float more than they flickered. Less urgency on display than they’ll have in another week.

The daylilies stood bright and orange against the dark of the evening. I have too many, but June wouldn’t be the same without some daylilies.

I heard dogs barking in the distance, and kids playing somewhere nearby. Up the street? Down the street? I couldn’t tell. But it was a good sound. After a while, they all got quiet, and I figured it was time to get up and go inside.

Happy summer to you.